What Ogham Say

Ancient Trees Wisdom

In ancient times, the Celts lived in the forest of North Europe. They share life with animals, plants, flower, mountains rivers. They can feel the whole Earth breathing, they were connected with the highest sky and the deeper ground. The Druids were the wisest among the Celts, and they invented a special alphabet called “Ogham”.

The Oghams were symbols written on the wood, and later on the stone. They were a cryptic language based on the old trees wisdom. The Druids wrote their secrets with the Oghams and, with they can see in the future. Would you like to try?

Trees are speaking also for us, although we are not able anymore to understand their words. But Oghams can translate for us. Look behind: you can find your Celtic tree sign. It depends on your birthday. Then you can read what Oghams say to you, under the Moon, New or Full.

OGHAM SAY – 27 February – FULL MOON

BIRCH (December 24-January 20)

Hazel – Willow – Elder: your inner wisdom will help you in your future struggles. You also have friends ready to protect and help you. So you don’t have to fear the darkness of Ogham Elder.

ROWAN (January 21-February 17)

Hawthorn – Rowan – Willow: your mind is still confused, but you are blessed by good luck, ogham Rowan says. You can go on without fear because you are protected.

ASH (February 18-March 17)

Elder – Oak – Holly: you are sad and depressed, you feel like nothing can go in the right way. But this is only a moment of deep change, and very soon you can taste the sweetness of good luck.

ALDER (March 18-April 14)

Elder – Bramble – Oak: the change you are going thru is very hard to carry on. So you feel tired, sad, but a good idea can help you to find anew paths. Ogham Oak says the change is good for you.

WILLOW (April 15-May 12)

Heather – Rowan – Broom: your heart is filled with love and compassion, and this will bring good luck in your life. You can face some last problems, but very soon they will be gone.

HAWTHORN (May 13-June 9)

Birch – Hazel – Willow: your strength, your resilience will help you in this hard moment. Someone will give you good counsel, a wise one. And this will protect you.

OAK (June 10-July 7)

Wheatstraw – Oak – Heather: you are doubtful, you cannot see the truth. This happens because you are going thru a big change. But love and friendship will help you in understanding.

HOLLY (July 8-August 4)

Birch – Bramble – Ash: you are resilient and you can resist every hit. Someone will give you a good intuition, Ogham Bramble says, and this is the rigth moment to follow it, Ogham Ash says.

HAZEL (August 5-September 1)

Bramble – Rowan – Oak: you have had a good intuition and this is also a moment of good luck for you. So you can pass the door, Ogham Oak says, with no fear.

BRAMBLE (September 2-September 29)

Birch – Oak – Hawthorn: you are still resisting the waves of destiny because this is a moment of great changes for you. You have to stay grounded, hard times are near to come.

IVY (September 30-October 27)

Blackthorn – Heather – Bramble: you feel confused, there are so many things you cannot understand, But love will help you and you will find a good idea, Ogham Bramble says.

WEATHSTRAW (October 28-November 24)

Ivy – Birch – Broom: your mind is confused, the only help you have comes from your friends, they still resist. Be strong: after some last problems you can see the light, Ogham Broom says.

ELDER (November 25-December 22)

Bramble – Blackthorn – Heather: you have a good idea in your mind, and you can follow it even if there are some obstacles. But thanks to your passion, you can win, Ogham Heather says.

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