What Ogham Say

Ancient Trees Wisdom

In ancient times, the Celts lived in the forest of North Europe. They shared life with animals, plants, flower, mountains and rivers. They could feel the whole Earth breathing, they were connected with the highest sky and the deeper ground. The Druids were the wisest among the Celts, and they invented a special alphabet called “Ogham”.


The Oghams were symbols written on the wood, and later on the stone. They were a cryptic language based on the old trees wisdom. The Druids wrote their secrets with the Oghams and, with them, they can see in the future. Would you like to try?

Trees are speaking also for us, although we are not able anymore to understand their words. But Oghams can translate for us. Look behind: you can find your Celtic tree sign. It depends on your birthday. Then you can read what Oghams say to you, under the Moon, New or Full.


Ogham Says last quarter 31 july

BIRCH (December 24-January 20)

Hazel – Bramble – Fir: your wisdom will help you. You can see good ideas and you can help others to make them become reality. Ogham Fir says you are safe and protected, you have nothing to fear.


ROWAN (January 21-February 17)

Hawthorn – Birch – Elder: you feel confused, many things are moving in your head and you cannot find a correct point of view. Even if things are growing bad you have friends and they will help you in fronting everything.


ASH (February 18-March 17)

Oak – Elder – Yew: you are changing your mind and this happens in a very bad moment. Many things are happening, most of them are disasters, but you can find great energy in your soul.

Ogham Ontano

ALDER (March 18-April 14)

Oak – Elder – Yew: you want to change, you know this is the time you have to look at your life whit whole new eyes. But terrible things are happening, you need to use your strength to fight, Ogham Yew says.

Ogham Salice

WILLOW (April 15-May 12)

Rowan – Alder – Bramble: you feel lucky and you are ready to join your friend fighting for their ideas. And a good intuition will help you in your fight, Ogham Bramble says.

Ogham Biancospino

HAWTHORN (May 13-June 9)

Oak – Ash – Hazel: you are growing, you are changing your point of view and this is the right moment to do that. Use the wisdom you can see around you, Ogham Hazel says.

Ogham Quercia

OAK (June 10-July 7)

Blackthorn – Alder – Ash: you have some last problems to solve, but after you will feel ready to fight for your dreams. Time has come you can do everything you want, Ogham Ash says.

Ogham Agrifoglio

HOLLY (July 8-August 4)

Wheatstraw – Oak – Holly: you cannot see the truth and you are confused. This happens because many things are changing but you have nothing to fear because you are lucky and strong.

Ogham Nocciolo

HAZEL (August 5-September 1)

Broom – Oak – Holly: you need to face your monsters and finally you can beat them. You can change your life and feel good luck flowing around you.

Ogham Vite

BRAMBLE (September 2-September 29)

Willow – Hawthorn – Yew: your soul is protected and you have nothing to fear, even if the situation is not clear. But a great force will help you, coming from the Earth itself, Ogham Yew says.

Ogham Edera

IVY (September 30-October 27)

Apple – Alder – Bramble: you are ready to realize your dreams and you are ready to fight with your friends. Follow your intuition, it will lead you to victory, Ogham Bramble says.

Ogham Giunco

WEATHSTRAW (October 28-November 24)

Blackthorn – Hazel – Wheatstraw: you are worried about many things, but very soon you can see the light. A wise counsel will help you and you can understand the truth.

Ogham Sambuco

ELDER (November 25-December 22)

Hazel – Heather – Fir: you are wise and sure about your ideas, and you feel loved. This means you are protected and safe, you can go on with no fear.

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