Weekly Horoscope


Sibilla, the Wise Witch, look into the stars to figure out your future. But your future is not written once at all. You are the only one who can draw the path behind your feet. Horoscope is just a sign, or a map, for your travel.

Stars and planets can only tell you who you are, what is your temper: this is your Zodiac Sign.

But then you have to choose what’s best for you, what your heart really desires. Only the one who really knows himself is the master of his own future. Read your Horoscope, and trust the Stars but, above all, yourself.

Weekly Horoscope: 14 – 20 June 2021



Misunderstandings and mishaps can bother you. You can feel a little bit depressed because you cannot move on. Your Horoscope says: don’t be afraid, this moment will go away very soon.

Taurus horoscope


Usually, your sign doesn’t like changes, but now you feel different. You want to move and improve your life, maybe you would like to travel and see new places. Your Horoscope says: be careful when you spend your money.



You need to be careful and patient. You’d like to do a lot of things but this is not the right moment You have just to wait a little bit. Your Horoscope says: you can have some arguments with your loved ones.

cancer horoscope


You always feel responsible for the things that happen around you. This is a good way of life, but don’t exaggerate. Sometimes you simply have to take care of yourself. Your Horoscope says: trust in yourself.



Your need for great changes in your life can make you too impulsive. Are you sure everything in your past is bad? Be careful and reflect before you act. Your Horoscope says: go on just one step at a time.

Virgo horoscope


You can find some difficulties in relationships and also with your job. You’d like to improve your position but this is not the right monet. Your Horoscope says: just wait and good things will come to you.

libra horoscope


Now you need to take your decisions: if you want something, you have to take it with no doubt. If necessary, you can decide also for others. Your Horoscope says: this is the time to change and grow.



Move on: if you leave your old life and look forward you can find great opportunities. Try to respect your duties, but do what you want. Your Horoscope says: be brave and you can earn wisdom.

sagittarius horoscope


You can have some problems in communication and you need to stay calm if you want to reach your targets. Be careful and check everything two times if you don’t want to make mistakes. Your Horoscope says: don’t be nervous.



You need to be calm and peaceful, try to fight nervousness and sadness. Take care of your loved ones. Your Horoscope says: try to find a balance between movement and stillness.



Be careful and slow down. If you go fast you risk making some bg mistake. Your Horoscope says: if you cannot do something now, you can do it in the future.



You can have an argument with someone you love: try to be calm. You can make ambitious plans now: dare and you can win. Your Horoscope says: plan everything and all will go in the right way.

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