Weekly Horoscope


Sibilla, the Wise Witch, look into the stars to figure out your future. But your future is not written once at all. You are the only one who can draw the path behind your feet. Horoscope is just a sign, or a map, for your travel.

Stars and planets can only tell you who you are, what is your temper: this is your Zodiac Sign.

But then you have to choose what’s best for you, what your heart really desires. Only the one who really knows himself is the master of his own future. Read your Horoscope, and trust the Stars but, above all, yourself.

Weekly Horoscope: 11 – 17 January 2021



There are so many plans in your mind, but the risk is you can’t end anything. So stay calm and focus your strength on the things you really care about. Your Horoscope says: think before you act.

Taurus horoscope


There are some friends in need of your words and compassion. Be friendly, stay with those who need you. This will help you too. Your Horoscope says: many things are changing, soon you will see.



You desire to change your whole life, and you can do it. You can improve your position with your job, and you can improve your sentimental life. Your Horoscope says: from Wednesday on things will go better and better.

cancer horoscope


You are tired of relationships who don’t endure. Now you want to build something lasting. You feel full of energies and good omens, and you are ready to start. Your Horoscope says: take advantage of your good luck.



There are some changes you are doing in your life, in your job first of all. You can meet some interesting and useful people. Your Horoscope says: you can find a partner, or improve your relationship.

Virgo horoscope


You always criticize others and their decisions. Please stop, this is not useful, this is destructive. Try to listen to others, to understand their opinions. Your Horoscope says: it’s time to change.

libra horoscope


You want to change your house and you can restyle the place you live in. You are creative, so use your creativity in your free time. Your Horoscope says: don’t worry if you think all is going slowly, this is not true.



You can improve your social life and meet some interesting people. But be careful about bad people, the ones who always spread negativity. Your Horoscope says: someone will help you in changing your life.

sagittarius horoscope


You are nervous and tired. You feel like your life is steady and not going on. You need to change the point of view, talk to new people. Your Horoscope says: don’t exaggerate, try to control your bad mood.



Good news for you. You can show your qualities and making progress in your private and public life. You are working hard and soon you can see the fruits of your hard job. Your Horoscope says: be patient, good things come to those who wait.



You need to stay alone, and some friends of yours may not understand why. But don’t care about them, find you inner space, you need to reflect on many things. Your Horoscope says: you can be better, if only you want.



This time you cannot say “no”, you have to take your place in your community. You can change the course of some projects. Your Horoscope says: you can improve your self-esteem.

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