Weekly Horoscope


Sibilla, the Wise Witch, look into the stars to figure out your future. But your future is not written once at all. You are the only one who can draw the path behind your feet. Horoscope is just a sign, or a map, for your travel.

Stars and planets can only tell you who you are, what is your temper: this is your Zodiac Sign.

But then you have to choose what’s best for you, what your heart really desires. Only the one who really knows himself is the master of his own future.

Weekly Horoscope: 9 – 15 December 2019



The first days of the week will be full of energy. But, from the Full Moon of Wednesday, you will have a lack of energy. So, if you have something important to do, do it as soon as possible. Listen carefully to the callings you will receive: one of them will be very pleasant.



Often you think other people are better than you. This is not true: trust more in yourself because a great change is arriving in your life. You can see it clearly next year, but you can prepare yourself from now. Don’t be afraid, you will enjoy it.



You are yet nervous because you are impatient. You want to see the end of your job, but you have to wait a little bit more. Use your skills to improve the present and don’t think too much about the future. What will be will be, all is prepared.



Be grounded: you have big dreams but you don’t have to mix reality and dream. Be very careful because you have to do a lot of things and they will claim all of your attention. Don’t stay at home, you need your friends and a little bit of company.



Pay attention to other’s needs. You are often egoist, you often think only about your problems. But now someone you care needs your help and you have to be by his/her side. You will be a little bit sad, nothing to worry about.



You deserve more than what you have, and now you can grab everything you want. Some great news are expecting you for the next year, but you can begin to plan your life. The end of this year is the beginning of something exciting, enjoy it.



This week you can solve a problem you are thinking about for a long time. Finally, the solution is up to you, but be careful. Maybe you cannot see it. Take care of your loved one: if you are coupled, you can make new plans for the future. If you are single, search for a good friend (maybe more).



You will make a big decision, not for your will but because someone will force you. But don’t regret it, this is good and you can take advantage of it. You will have also a lot of things to do but plan a journey in the weekend.



You can think about yourself and what you really desire. Now you know that is not other’s path your path, and you have to follow your intuition and your dreams. Don’t be rude if someone is against you, don’t care and go on.



Now you feel better and you are positive. You have a lot of things to do and you need to be proactive. Even if the situation is not the best you can have, you can be the one who can use it in a better way. Use your charisma to let other people do what you want.



On the road again. For a long time, you have been quiet and calm. Now you have new ideas and you want to have all of your friends by your side. They will be very happy to help you: your energy is catching.



Now you know exactly what you want. The most important thing is to stay grounded and centered: all is in your hands. Don’t take care of what other people say. If they like or dislike you, this is not your problem.

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