Weekly Horoscope


Sibilla, the Wise Witch, look into the stars to figure out your future. But your future is not written once at all. You are the only one who can draw the path behind your feet. Horoscope is just a sign, or a map, for your travel.

Stars and planets can only tell you who you are, what is your temper: this is your Zodiac Sign.

But then you have to choose what’s best for you, what your heart really desires. Only the one who really knows himself is the master of his own future. Read your Horoscope, and trust the Stars but, above all, yourself.

Weekly Horoscope: 6 – 12 July 2020



The mantra from the Stars is always the same for you: be patient. If you hurry up, you can only do a big mess. Wait. You need to manage a problem inside your family. Maybe this is not pleasant, but this is useful and after you will be more relaxed.

Taurus horoscope


Your Horoscope says Mercury make it difficult for you to be clear. So try to speak as less as you can, because someone can misunderstand your words. Be grounded, your life is changing and a big change is on the way. You feel fragile because you have so many feelings inside. Don’t hide them, but show them.



Don’t be harsh, manage your impetuosity and focus on a target your actions. Try to move other’s heart, don’t force them to do what you want. Someone will come back from your past. Don’t confuse sweet memories with reality. If you can, travel and visit new places, you need and deserve it.

cancer horoscope


You feel romantic and optimist, you feel like everything now can move in the direction you want. Your Horoscope says to be careful. You can solve some old problems, and you can go on new paths you cannot see till now. Love is great, your relationship is going better and, if you are alone, you can find someone special for you.



The week will start with a lack of energy, but very soon you can feel better and you can find new positivity in your life, thanks to your planet, the Sun. Someone will go, someone will arrive. New friends will replace old ones. They disappointed you, the new ones will not do that.

Virgo horoscope


You are a reserved one, and often other people don’t understand your mood. So stay only with people who are on the same wavelength and don’t waste your time with stupid ones. Say what you think if someone asks you, don’t be shy. If you need to buy a gift, ask for help.

libra horoscope


Your job is very important for you, but your Horoscope suggests you have to be very careful in the next days when you speak with your boss or your colleagues. Someone will come back from the past, you don’t like memories but this time this will be pleasant. A big surprise is on its way.



New problems, new obstacles on your way. You feel tired, but you can fix it, and you have to help who is in the same difficulties as you. Be centred on your job, you will have a lot of things to do. Once more, find time to help your colleagues. You will face a big argument with a loved one, and after things will go better.

sagittarius horoscope


You are furious and is impossible to speak with you quietly. This happens because someone chated you, but you need to control yourself. Jupiter is in your sky and brings to you money and richness, but don’t stop to be saving. Don’t expect too much from your friends and relatives, you could be disappointed.



Someone will come back from the past, but he/she is not different from the one you remember. So, be focused on your job and wait for good news. You will be a little bit nervous, don’t be harsh with your loved ones. Open your mind: you can change your path if only you want.



Your Horoscope says this is time you take care of yourself. Find your way: with meditation or jogging or riding a bicycle, this is up to you. Take care of your family and be ready, a big change is on the way. Something bad will happen but don’t worry, this is useful for the future.



You are generous… too much generous. Remember money are useful, and you need them for your life and your projects. Those days are chaotic, you find some difficulties in organizing your time. Someone will make you an offer, don’t say “no”. Maybe this time you can say “yes”.

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