Weekly Horoscope


Sibilla, the Wise Witch, look into the stars to figure out your future. But your future is not written once at all. You are the only one who can draw the path behind your feet. Horoscope is just a sign, or a map, for your travel.

Stars and planets can only tell you who you are, what is your temper: this is your Zodiac Sign.

But then you have to choose what’s best for you, what your heart really desires. Only the one who really knows himself is the master of his own future. Read your Horoscope, and trust the Stars but, above all, yourself.

Weekly Horoscope: 30 March – 5 April 2020



You could be a little bit nervous in the next days. You’d like to do a lot of things but you can’t and this is annoying. But you have to enjoy what you have. You can do a lot of things, even if not the ones you desired.

Taurus horoscope


You don’t like when your routine needs to change. But this time there is nothing you can do and it’s better if you adapt to this new situation. You are also sad because someone you love is far away.



Stay awake, a lot of things can happen and you need to be ready in catching the right occasion for you. Don’t sit and wait, do the first step with an old friend of yours.

cancer horoscope


Try to be more careful when you manage your relationships. Often you decide for the others and others can think you are bossy and bully. Relax and just enjoy your friends and loved ones.



Your natural leadership is more necessary, more than ever. So be the leader you are born to be, but listen to other words and don’t go straight on your path with no regard for others.

Virgo horoscope


A new beginning is near to come, so don’t despair and try to find in your life the many things you can joy about. Find love in your life and very soon you can feel better, renewed.

libra horoscope


You have a lot of time to do all the things you never have done before. Be a little bit egoist, this time everyone have to think about yourself. Now the only you have to help is you.



Something lucky will happen in your life, and this can send away the sadness you are feeling now. If you need to travel, be very careful and postpone your travel, if you can.

sagittarius horoscope


You’d like to do a lot of things, but you can’t. before you act, reflect carefully. Listen to the news, but always try to understand what’s true and what’s fake.



One is one, and you are the one. You can now understand your value and no one can stop you. You are ready to reborn, and great things have to come in the next future.



You need to be the one who can equilibrate the situation. A lot of people depend on you, so take care of yourself and don’t forget to smile every day.



You are sad because you miss someone very much. But lift up your earth, very soon good news will come and this hard time will finish, and you will hug your loved one again.

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