What Ogham Say

Ancient Trees Wisdom

In ancient times, the Celts lived in the forest of North Europe. They share life with animals, plants, flower, mountains and rivers. They can feel the whole Earth breathing, they were connected with the highest sky and the deeper ground. The Druids were the wisest among the Celts, and they invented a special alphabet called “Ogham”.

Ogham say

The Oghams were symbols written on the wood, and later on the stone. They were a cryptic language based on the old trees wisdom. The Druids wrote their secrets with the Oghams, and with them they can see in the future. Would you like to try?

Trees are speaking also for us, although we are not able anymore to understand their words. But Oghams can translate for us. Look behind: you can find your Celtic tree sign. It depends on your birthday. Then you can read what Oghams say to you, under the Moon, New or Full.


ogham says

BIRCH (December 24-January 20)

Fir – Willow – Heather: your life is now full of good things and love, thanks to the Full Moon. In this light you don’t need to fear anything: just enjoy your time.


ROWAN (January 21-February 17)

Weathstraw – Willow – Poplar: your dreams are now nearer than ever, and you are protect by good will. So you can reach whatever you want.


ASH (February 18-March 17)

Weathstraw- Fir- Ivy: you feel confused and you have not clear the path you have to choose. But the Fir, someone near you, can give you strength and good ideas.


ALDER (March 18-April 14)

Bramble – Birch – Heater – Rowan: your third eye is now full open and you can see thing more clearly than ever. So carry on and try the way you have chosen.


WILLOW (April 15-May 12)

Yew – Ivy – Bramble: Full Moon can bring a little bit of chaos and confusion in your life. But you can stay grounded and don’t let this situation bother you.


HAWTHORN (May 13-June 9)

Broom- Willow – Alder: let the past flow behind you, look at the future and build the bridge on the fears and troubles. Tomorrow is another day.


OAK (June 10-July 7)

Alder- Apple Tree – Hazel: you feel peaceful and happy. Live those days without troubles, and you can find new paths in front of you.


HOLLY (July 8-August 4)

Birch – Ivy – Broom: someone will try to bother you but your soul is strong. You can carry every burden and at the same time attempt at your own jobs.


HAZEL (August 5-September 1)

Ivy – Broom – Elder: you have to front new problems in your life, but you are well ready and your hearth is strong and clear.


BRAMBLE (September 2-September 29)

Whitethorn – Willow – Weathstraw: you will taste bitterness and fear, because of the ghost from your past. But if you can fight them, your life will be easier from now.


IVY (September 30-October 27)

Holly – Willow – Rowan: sunny days for you, because you are lucky, protected and loved. You can enjoy every moment of those days.


WEATHSTRAW (October 28-November 24)

Yew – Apple Tree – Whitethorn: struggles in life are neverending. So you have to jump a new obstacle, but you can jump very well and in a while you will be far from it.


ELDER (November 25-December 22)

Rowan – Ivy – Poplar: someone will try to put you in trouble. But you are far long cunning than everyone else, and you can manage the situation without problems.

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